Sunday, September 10, 2006

Eugene Armstrong Beheading Video
Thanks to Gavin I made the very very big mistake of watching the Eugene Armstrong beheading video at link removed . Gavin very appropriately warned me that while he hasn't seen it, that it was very bloody. I disregarded his advice and watched it anyway.

I'd like to say I didn't watch it out of callous disregard for Eugene Armstrong's murder. I am not a fan of Faces of Death or the concept behind it. The reason I watched it was because I wanted to be a "witness" as it was, to his murder.

My sympathies go out to his relatives. The hardest part about watching it wasn't the gore or bloodshed, it was really the first few seconds when Mr. Armstrong realized what was about to happen. Seeing him struggle, cry out and try to get away was the hardest part.

The second hardest part was the very end when the murderers cried out, "Allah akbar, Allah akbar, Allah akbar." Try as I might, I just cannot view the world in the same way as those men. I cannot look at the world in such a way that murdering becomes a good and necessary deed. In respect to their plight, Mr. Armstrong was guilty of nothing.

It's easy to wish for the murder of the murderers. But what good does that do? I just wish I could understand how they view the world. It might help to figure out a better solution to this mess.


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