Wednesday, April 06, 2005

How to make me laugh:

- Tell me about the time you had a bee in your pants and were subsequently stung several times in the groin area.
- Put on MC Chris when I'm in a bad mood. How can I resist "Her cunt tasted like skeletons"?
- Silly pop culture references always get my proverbial goat.
- Show me a picture of when you at halloween when you were four and dressed up as a ninja turtle. (!!!)
- Call me "madame".
- (Not exactly part of the list but relevent because I laughed quite a bit at this movie) Holy shit have you guys seen The Substitute?
I knew it would be awesome when Ernie Hudson broke a board the Woodshop class made him and then giving a lecture about harnessing your chi. And then there was the fight in the school library! And the most awkwardly acted sex scene ever! And it was awesome!